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Home of Islam is basecamp to everything Islam. It is designed by Muslims and Ran by Muslims. All media is Islamic, and subject to approval by the Ummah.

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We provide Islamic insight to people around the world,
writing things that get attention and are meaningful. Spreading Islam is a passion to the Editor’s at Home of Islam and they take there time to help Musliams and Non-Muslims all over.

HOI History

We have been on Facebook since 2012. 10k + likes thank you guys so much. History means so much to people. As we scroll through our Facebook timeline we see so many struggles that this Ummah has overcame. alhamduillah allahu akbar but as we know everyday makes another days history. Learn everyday and try your best to learn someone else. Ask Questions ALOT and if your rightly guided Answer ALOT of questions to spread your knowledge and help bring all the Ummah to your levels of knowledge.

People and modern life is what this world is. Not the rich and wealthy who already recieve there rewards from this Dunya. Take time out of your day to Love, Care, and just show people you are peace. It is not just a word.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to see this world like Prophet Muhammad did. I know he saw more wars, and more pains then any of of have every imagined and yet he was love, kindness, humble, and modest. In today’s world corruption has taken people from the highest levels of Islam on this planet. But judging isn’t what we do. We guide to the straight path. Allah as we all know makes Muslims, not me, you or anyone else of great power on this planet. He guides whom he wills and leads astray whom he pleases.

So Love Islam and your oppressors, die not but in a state of islam.

The Untold History - How Islam Spread

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